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AI Spotlight: 'Street Fighter 6' and More on GeForce NOW

AI Spotlight: 'Street Fighter 6' and More on GeForce NOW

Meet the new challenger: Capcom's newest addition to the legendary Street Fighter series, 'Street Fighter 6', is joining GeForce NOW in the upcoming GFN Thursday! GeForce NOW, the popular cloud gaming service, is excited to welcome the fighter game into their comprehensive library.

Often regarded as the flagship of cloud gaming, GeForce NOW is constantly updating its game roster to keep members entertained and engaged. The weekly GFN Thursday event is a testament to this commitment, where new games are introduced to the GeForce NOW library. This week, along with 'Street Fighter 6', GeForce NOW also welcomes Ubisoft's XDefiant among other games expanding the library.

'Street Fighter 6' making its entry is indeed an exciting moment both for fans and cloud gaming enthusiasts. Known for its iconic characters and gripping storylines, the Street Fighter series has developed a cult following since its inception. With this new chapter, players can experience the intense sequences and compelling combats that the game is famous for, all in the cloud!

Besides 'Street Fighter 6', Ubisoft's XDefiant is another strong contender joining the cloud this GFN Thursday. As a free-to-play, team-based shooter game, XDefiant is expected to be a thrilling addition to the GeForce NOW gaming portfolio.

The addition of these games is not the only good news for GeForce NOW members. A special reward is on its way to GeForce NOW's Ultimate and Priority members. For a limited timeframe, these elite members can avail this special bonus, making the cloud gaming experience even more enjoyable and rewarding. Stay tuned for more updates from GeForce NOW and enjoy the best of cloud gaming.

Disclaimer: The above article was written with the assistance of AI. The original sources can be found on NVIDIA Blog.