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Enhanced Storytelling with 'Tell Me Why' and 'As Dusk Falls' on GeForce NOW

Enhanced Storytelling with 'Tell Me Why' and 'As Dusk Falls' on GeForce NOW

Get ready for an immersive storytelling experience with Tell Me Why and As Dusk Falls. These award-winning, narrative-driven games have been added to the extensive collection on GeForce NOW from Xbox Studios. Now, the GeForce NOW library stands at over 1,900 games ready to be streamed directly from the cloud.

It is a perfect opportunity for members to dive into new adventures with the addition of four new titles this week. One of these includes a riveting experience from Metallica.

Tell Me Why is a significant addition to GeForce NOW. It unfolds in a set of chapters that get released over time. Every chapter brings fresh situations and characters that challenge your understanding of the story. The game seamlessly meshes realism with a surreal enigma, making it an immersive and intriguing choice.

Next, As Dusk Falls brings an interactive drama set in the American Southwest. It traces the life of two families whose destinies intertwine over 30 years. Here, every choice and decision you make influences the storyline, providing a truly dynamic gaming experience.

The power of GeForce NOW lies not just in the quality and variety of its game collection, but also in the convenience of streaming. It allows users to enjoy these games without having to worry about system requirements or installation hassles, providing a seamless gaming experience with cloud technology at its heart.

The platform continuously enhances the gaming library with new additions. It is a haven for members who enjoy exploring new narratives, characters, and worlds. With accessible streaming and a rapidly expanding library, GeForce NOW is propelling forward as a leading platform in the gaming industry.

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