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Experience Classic Games: 'StarCraft' and 'Diablo' Now Stream on GeForce NOW

Experience Classic Games: 'StarCraft' and 'Diablo' Now Stream on GeForce NOW

Gaming enthusiasts are in for a vintage treat as GeForce NOW expands its support this GeForce NOW Thursday. The highly revered StarCraft and Diablo series have made their way to the cloud gaming platform. As part of the expansion, StarCraft Remastered, StarCraft II, Diablo II: Resurrected, and Diablo III have become part of the growing GeForce NOW library, with now over 1,900 titles for players worldwide to delve into. Alongside, a new software update is expected to roll out, promising players an enhanced gaming experience.

The StarCraft series, lauded for its real-time strategic gameplay, is now accessible for streaming for GeForce Now users. Classic and nostalgic, StarCraft Remastered and StarCraft II have been revamped with improved visuals and audio, enabling users to enjoy the classic game but with a modern twist.

Alongside the fan-favorite StarCraft, the challenging and intensely strategical Diablo series joins GeForce NOW. Known for its dark fantasy themes and immersive gameplay, Diablo II: Resurrected, and Diablo III have won the hearts of gamers across the globe. The addition of these titles to the GeForce platform brings a unique opportunity for users to engage with these classic games without the worry of hardware limitations.

This latest expansion highlights the commitment of GeForce NOW in continuously growing its game library and maintain its promise of providing a comprehensive and convenient cloud gaming platform, all while ensuring top-quality streaming performance. With this step, GeForce NOW reaffirms its spot as a prominent player in the cloud gaming industry.

The gaming world continues to evolve, and so too does the potential of platforms like GeForce NOW. Embracing classic games and leading with innovation, GeForce NOW is continually striving to make gaming more accessible and enjoyable for everyone. With this latest update and additions to the library, players can now revel in the nostalgic gameplay of StarCraft and Diablo, propelling their gaming experiences to new heights.

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