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Remarkable Advancements: GeForce NOW Adds 1,800 Game Options for Streaming

Remarkable Advancements: GeForce NOW Adds 1,800 Game Options for Streaming

GeForce NOW displays its continued strong commitment to innovation in the evolving gaming space. As part of their vigorous fourth-anniversary celebrations, they are adding more top-tier games from renowned publishing partners like Bandai Namco Entertainment and Inflexion Games.

This exciting update includes an addition of eleven thrilling new titles to the GeForce NOW library, which already supports over 1,800 games. This significant development confirms GeForce NOW's position as a serious contributor to the expanding world of cloud-streaming gaming. They are continuing their momentum, offering an ever-expanding gaming catalogue to their dedicated player base across the globe.

Among the new games on this sophisticated streaming service are suspenseful games like Nightingale from Inflexion Games. Also included is Bandai Namco Entertainment’s famous games like Tales of Arise and Katamari Damacy REROLL. These games are joining a vast league of high-profile options already at the beck and call of GeForce NOW gamers.

Providing access to these new games and maintaining a robust library marks GeForce NOW's deep commitment to its community. It is inspiring to see how GeForce NOW is moving forward in catering to the diverse interests of its gamers by onboarding exciting gaming options from popular publishers.

The new GeForce NOW update offers gamers the chance to explore a variety of gaming environments right from their streaming device, allowing them to dive into different genres and stories. This is indeed an astonishing advancement, providing more opportunities for players and showcasing GeForce NOW’s passion for putting their community at the forefront in the gaming industry.

GeForce NOW appears unrelenting in its mission to revolutionize the cloud-streaming arena. It undoubtedly reflects their commitment to pushing boundaries to provide the most exceptional gaming experiences for their users. The team behind GeForce NOW deserves applause and appreciation for their relentless efforts and their rules-breaking approach to enhancing cloud-streaming gaming.

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