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World of Warcraft Soars to the Cloud with GeForce NOW

World of Warcraft Soars to the Cloud with GeForce NOW

Ever popular across the globe, World of Warcraft makes its cloud debut this week, alongside 17 phenomenal games being included in the GeForce NOW library. With seven of these games now available to stream this week, the temperatures are surely rising among the gaming community.

World of Warcraft, one of the highest-grossing games ever, has been a staple for millions over the years. It's immersive, expansive fantasy world - teeming with captivating quests and formidable foes - has long been a playground for avid gamers. This latest move by GeForce NOW to include it in their cloud-based platform marks a significant expansion in accessibility for fans worldwide.

GeForce NOW, an acclaimed cloud-based gaming service, allows users to stream high-quality games on various devices. The addition of a game with the magnitude of World of Warcraft is a substantial move that showcases its commitment to diversified, high-end gaming experiences. Hot on the heels of this new addition, there are seven other games now available to stream - further expanding the game library.

That’s not all, GeForce NOW is not just improving its library of games. In a bid to gratify its users, GeForce NOW's Rewards program is kicking-off, promising exciting times ahead. Starting today, by choosing to opt into the GeForce NOW Rewards program, players can earn themselves a free in-game mount in Elder Scrolls Online.

With cloud gaming increasing in popularity, GeForce NOW's move to add a blockbuster game such as World of Warcraft, along with other titles, could indeed be a game-changer. Offering rewards to its users alongside, they continue to elevate the cloud gaming experience, making it more thrilling and rewarding for users.

Stay tuned to see the transformation GeForce NOW is bringing to cloud gaming as it continues to grow its library and user rewards. The world of gaming is witnessing a significant shift - with more high-profile games making their way to the cloud. As we watch the landscape evolve, it is certainly an exciting time to be a gamer.

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