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Easily Generate Amazing QR Code Images for Free with AI

Easily Generate Amazing QR Code Images for Free with AI

Welcome to our adventure into the world of AI-powered QR code art. Whether you are an AI enthusiast or simply seeking an innovative approach to QR code design, this guide is tailored to meet your needs.

Let's get started!

Step 1: Unleash Your Creativity with a QR Code.

Begin by visiting the QuickQRArt website to create a basic QR code. This site offers customizability, allowing you to create codes for various purposes, such as website links, emails, events, etc. We will use the "URL of this guide" as an example.

Feel free to explore the design options until you are satisfied with your QR code. Once finished, save it and download the QR code PNG file.

Step 2: Join the QuickQR AI Community on Discord.

To proceed, you will need a Discord account. If you do not have one, do not worry; it is free and easy to create. Once you have an account, join the QuickQR AI Community on Discord. Click the "Join Beta" button and accept the invite.

Step 3: Showcase Your QR Image on the Paste-Bin Channel.

Locate the Paste-Bin channel on Discord, upload your QR image by dragging and dropping it into the chatroom, and press "Enter." Once you have uploaded the image, select "Copy Image Address" to copy the image's address to your clipboard.

Step 4: Activate the PixelML Bot.

Go to the PixelML Bot channel on Discord. Type "/", select "Generate," and use the prompt parameter to describe the image you wish to generate. For example, you can create a futuristic robot. After drafting the prompt, paste the previously copied image URL in the URL parameter. Press Enter to run the PixelML Bot and generate your AI QR image.

Creating AI QR code art is straightforward, but bringing your specific idea to life requires some exploration and experimentation. Try different changes to your prompt until you are satisfied with your creation.


  • To improve the scannability of your QR Art Adjust the --qrw tuning parameter towards 1 for better readability. Try small increments like 0.05.
  • Increase the --steps parameter to 20 for improved artistic quality.
  • Reduce QR code density by using a URL shortener.
  • Experiment with different settings until you achieve the desired outcome.
  • You can also use your iPhone app to generate your QR Code.

Thank you for joining us on this AI tutorial. We hope you had a great time and learned something new.