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How to Make Custom Coloring Pages from Your Own Photos in 2024

How to Make Custom Coloring Pages from Your Own Photos in 2024

Making coloring pages out of your own personal photos is a fun and creative way to engage kids (and adults!) with art. Instead of generic coloring pages, you can turn special memories into custom works of art just waiting to be filled in with color. These homemade coloring pages can be used as a personalized gift, a teaching tool, a marketing tool, or just for laughs and enjoyment.

This blog post explores different methods to make your own coloring pages from your personal photos. And we are going to use a sample photo to test these different methods to get a fair and visual comparison.

Man holing an award

(Our sample photo to test different photo-to-coloring-page methods)

Method 1: PortraitArt 

Let's start with our favorite tool: PortraitArt. It can convert photos into different artistic styles using AI image processing. Luckily, among the styles offered, there is a dedicated "Coloring Page" style optimized for creating coloring pages. It is very easy to use. Just upload an image to the website, and select the 'Coloring Page' style. A coloring page version is then generated automatically. You can generate multiple versions, and keep the best one.

Styles Samples

(PortraitArt’s user interface and art style options)

The following picture shows a sample coloring page we generated with PortraitArt's tool. As you can see, it does an excellent job of converting the photo into a clean black-and-white line drawing perfect for coloring.

Coloring Page Sample

(coloring page generated with PortraitArt from the reference photo)


Method 2: Crayola ColorCamera

A popular dedicated coloring page app is Crayola ColorCamera from the beloved Crayola crayon company. This app is quick, easy, and fun to use. Simply load an image into the app and follow the step-by-step instructions to convert it into a coloring page format. There is also an adjustment that allows you to change the amount of dark pixels in the output for different line thickness effects.

While not as sophisticated as PortraitArt, the Crayola app gets the job done in a very user-friendly way, especially for children.

Coloring Page Sample 2

(coloring page generated with Crayola ColorCamera from the reference photo)


Method 3: Mimi Panda Web App

Mimi Panda is another photo-to-coloring-page website that you can try. The quality of the coloring page outputs is similar to Crayola's Color Camera app, offering a simple way to convert any photo quickly. However, it lacks the child-friendly brand appeal of Crayola.

Coloring Page Sample 3

(coloring page generated with Mimi Panda from the reference photo)


Method 4: ReallyColor Web App

ReallyColor offers an online photo-to-coloring-page conversion tool that uses their own patented AI technology. The resulting coloring pages focus heavily on edge detection and have a distinct rough, sketchy line style. While it has good fidelity to the original image's edges, we feel that the gritty lines may be less appealing for children compared to cleaner line art.

See the sample result below to judge for yourself. ReallyColor's approach certainly has its artistic merits, but may work better for adult coloring books versus kids' coloring pages.

Coloring Page Sample 4

(coloring page generated with ReallyColor from the reference photo)



For making fun, clean, high-quality coloring pages from personal photos for kids, we recommend PortraitArt and the Crayola ColorCamera as the top choices. But all four tools can open up new creative possibilities from your photo memories!