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Meet Try It On AI: The Next-Level Professional Studio for AI Headshots

Meet Try It On AI: The Next-Level Professional Studio for AI Headshots

In an age dominated by the digital realm, first impressions often hinge on the quality of one's headshot. From LinkedIn profiles to acting portfolios, a captivating portrait can set you apart. Try It On AI brings professional studio quality to the masses, turning your regular selfies into stunning AI headshots. 

Discovering the Try It On AI Experience

For those in the corporate world, entrepreneurs, actors, models, and anyone seeking to elevate their digital image, the "Try It On" platform has emerged as a game-changer. With over 250,000 professionals worldwide relying on its prowess, this AI-driven studio has revolutionized how people perceive headshot photography.

What sets "Try It On" apart?

  1. One Studio, Endless Possibilities: From a quintessential business headshot to intricate content marketing visuals, offline collaterals, and employer branding – the studio offers many portrait styles to suit every need.
  2. Swift and Efficient: After submitting just 10+ selfies, users receive their AI-processed headshots within 90 minutes.
  3. A Blend of AI and Human Touch: While the AI engine ensures precision and style, the platform also offers the assistance of human editors. For a nominal fee of $10, these editors provide touch-ups, ensuring every portrait resonates with perfection.

User Experiences

Don't just take our word for it; the raving reviews speak volumes. Jovin W. found the solution she had been looking for on her business website. Clara W. J. received numerous compliments on her LinkedIn portrait, and Florence A., a nurse, discovered the magic of professional headshots within her budget.

Explore headshot examples

Here's a glimpse of the quality and styles of our headshots. Depending on the package you choose, you will receive 100-200 headshots. With such a wide variety, you will certainly find plenty of favorites to choose from. These headshots can be used for your LinkedIn profile, website, speaker portraits, business cards, or social media accounts.

For more inspiration, visit the examples here.

Embarking on Your "Try It On" Journey

Starting with "Try It On" is simple:

  1. Registration & Selection: Open an account, initiate a "new photoshoot," and choose a package ranging from $17 to $45.
  2. Photo Submission: Share 10-20 selfies, pick your desired portrait styles and relax as the magic unfolds in 1-3 hours.
  3. Image Enhancement: Utilize AI tools like Enhance and Expand for quick fixes. Or, for more intricate edits, request human intervention.

The intellectual property rights of these images rest solely with the users. Once deleted, the photos are permanently removed from the platform.

Deep-Dive into Editing Features

Human Edits (396 Credits): From hair color changes to shirt logo additions or size adjustments, human editors ensure your vision comes to life. The results, showing the transformations, are delivered within 24 hours.

How to:

First, click on "Human edit" and write a request to the editors. Then, click submit and wait up to 24 hours. Once it's done, you'll see the before and after versions in your studio.

AI Enhance (4 Credits): In seconds, this feature can rectify eyes, soften wrinkles, whiten teeth, and upscale images. However, once enhanced, reverting is not possible.

How to:

First, Click on the magic wand under the headshot. After that, click Enhance & wait for a few seconds. Then, Roll over the middle icon to see before & after. And finally, Click on the V icon if you like it, and click on X if you don't.

AI Expand (8 Credits): Whether you want to fix a cropped image or require a different format, this tool adjusts the size and offers multiple layout options.

How to:

  • Select the magic wand icon located below the headshot.
  • Choose the "Expand" option and pick your preferred format: landscape, square, or vertical. Allow a moment for processing.
  • Pick your favorite from the four generated choices.
  • If satisfied with the result, click the ✓ icon; otherwise, select the X to decline.

Gift a Memory with "Try It On"

Seeking a unique gift idea? A professional headshot might just be what you're looking for. Simply purchase a photoshoot credit, input the recipient's email, craft a message, and voilà – the recipient receives the credit instantly.

Steps to Gift a Photoshoot Credit:

  1. Purchase a photoshoot credit.
  2. Select the grey gift symbol.
  3. Enter the recipient's email address.
  4. Craft a personalized message and hit "Submit."

The recipient will promptly receive an email containing the credit.

Pro Tip: Avoid including your name in the message for an anonymous gift.

Final words:

With a blend of advanced AI technology and the irreplaceable human touch, "Try It On AI" is setting new standards in portrait photography. Experience it firsthand and redefine your digital presence.

Ready to transform your selfies into professional masterpieces? Dive into the Try It On experience now by clicking here!

For more information visit Try It On Overview page.