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Content at Scales is an AI-powered content generator for SEO. It helps you reduce time and cost spent on content production by up to 10x. With its research-backed long-form posts created from keywords, YouTube URLs, podcasts, existing blogs, and custom audio files, it's the perfect tool to meet Google’s EEAT requirements.


Content at Scales is compatible with the following platforms and devices:

  • Cross Platforms

Content at Scales can be integrated with the following third-party platforms and tools:

  • Copyscape
  • Shopify
  • WordPress

* For the complete list of available integrations visit Content at Scales website.

Subscription Types

Content at Scales offers the following subscription types:

  • Paid

Billing options include the following:

  • Monthly

Membership packages:

There are membership packages at Content at Scales.

  • API is Available.
  • Community Hub is Not Available.

Content at Scales Review: An In-Depth Overview

What Is It?

Content at Scale is a revolutionary tool
built by marketing experts for marketing experts. Its cutting-edge AI engines
and natural language processing algorithms produce human-sounding content that
passes existing AI detection. Content produced from a single keyword, YouTube
URL, blog, or custom audio file meets Google's EEAT requirements while
remaining engaging and effective. Moreover, it helps marketers, agencies, and
content creation freelancers keep their content human while expediting its
production with AI. It is the future of penmanship that is just one button
click away.

How It Works

The network behind Content at Scale is
based on three AI engines and two natural language processing and semantic
analysis algorithms. What this, in essence, means is that text is not simply
analyzed and categorized into sterile boxes; it is examined for meaning and
emotional connotations. When this is done with three AI engines backed by
advanced neural networks, you end up with a prediction model that can cobble
together human-sounding content that resonates with human readers. However,
none of this would be possible without the best-in-class training materials and
educational resources that Content at Scale has garnered.

Use Cases

Even the most experienced writers sometimes
end up with writer's block. A great way to solve this timeless issue is by
entering a few keywords into Content at Scale and drawing inspiration from the
output. Note that its segmentation of content into a table of contents, logical
blocks, key takeaways, FAQ, and summation help set up the perfect structure for
your next exciting article.

Being a good writer is a skill that you
obtain with years of dedicated writing and content creation. However, you are
just one person, and it is impossible for you to be familiar with every
industry. We, therefore, recommend that you use Content at Scale as a fancy
search engine that collects credible sources and summarizes them. This content
can then be used as the basis for the perfect post.

Another great way
to use Content at Scale is to have it write about existing blogs, custom audio
files, YouTube videos, and podcasts that would otherwise take you a long time
to process. These transcripts or summaries can then be used as the backbone of
your articles.


January, 2024; Content at Scale introduced early API access, revolutionizing content creation. The API offers a Long-Form Content Producer, enabling users to generate 500 to 3,000+ word articles that are original, non-plagiarized, SEO-optimized, and supported by real-time research and backlinks. Additionally, it includes a leading AI Detector, supporting 3 to 10 million scans monthly, ideal for content, SEO, or research enhancements. The API also features undetectable rewrites, allowing for paraphrasing and tone adjustments. Unlike basic LLMs like ChatGPT or Bard, Content at Scale's API is powered by a multi-stack of LLMs and a proprietary SEO intelligence suite, RankWell. This technology ensures robust, research-backed, and publish-ready content with optimal keyword placement, guided by natural language processing algorithms and Google's keyword value and salience scores.


Keyword to Blog

It is not uncommon to build articles around
keywords that are trending, or that may take off in the future. However,
Content at Scale allows you to craft the ultimate SEO-optimized articles by
basing them on hundreds of keywords. These are then researched and used to pen
articles with 2,600+ words. Note that all you have to do from there on out is
polish them up, and they are ready for publishing.

Existing URL to Blog

Grab the URL of a site that you like, paste
it into Content at Scale's tool, and get the perfect text that mimics it. While
this naturally comes with concerns regarding copyright infringement, it is a
great way to take your competition down a notch.

Podcast or Audio to Blog

Transcribing a podcast takes ages, and
condensing all of that information into an informative or fun article takes
even longer. Save yourself the hassle and use Content at Scale to do it in
minutes. Alternatively, enter any audio file and transform it into the perfect
blog post with the click of a button.

YouTube to Blog

Some YouTube videos are more informative
than the lectures of Ivy League professors. Why not take those videos and
spread their essence in fun blogs and informative articles?

Doc to Post

Do you have existing research or
interesting data but do not feel like sifting through it? Upload a .doc,
PowerPoint deck, or even a PDF and convert it to an amazing post that your clients
will simply eat up.

Plagiarism Scans

Content at Scale prides itself on unique
content, which is why its plagiarism scans are among the best. Moreover, they
integrate directly with Copyscape and make your plagiarism detection a whole
lot easier.

Accessibility and Developer Options

Third-Party Integrations

Content at Scale integrates seamlessly with
cutting-edge online marketing sites based on WordPress and Shopify. Moreover,
it connects with Copyscape, which makes it a superb plagiarism detector.

API Options

There is currently no standalone API

Browser Extensions

There is currently no browser extension
outside of WordPress and Shopify sites.


The only way to enjoy Content at Scale is,
currently, via their online application. While using it on a mobile browser
would theoretically be possible, it would be too bulky, and you would get very
little done. We hope to see desktop applications and clever mobile solutions in
the future.


Content at Scale boasts an amazing
community that is present on major platforms such as YouTube, Facebook,
Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Moreover, the company boasts a blog that
is jam-packed with informative case studies and handy tips.


The cornerstones of Content at Scale were
set in 2021 when it was founded by Justin McGill. Its initial product launch in
September 2022 was a complete disaster, but the company managed to pull itself
by its bootstraps and improve its service. However, this was the first
done-for-you content marketing agency. The first six months of operations saw a
whopping 40 million SEO content words generated per month.


Features & Highlights

  • The AI Detector can detect Chat GPT and other AI if you give it at least 25 words.
  • Blogs and articles get an academic twist with links to credible sources.
  • The QA schema poses human questions that are packed with intrigue and interest.
  • Real-time SEO optimization is second to none, thanks to real-life data.
  • Articles are enriched with embedded Tweets and other outside media.
  • Your article is enriched with Takeaways that summarize long paragraphs.
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FAQ: Answers to Your Burning Questions

AI Tool FAQ: Answers to top questions about Content at Scales.

Is Content at Scale better than ChatGPT?

Yes, it currently is. The main advantages of Content at Scale are its real-time researched content and focus on SEO marketing content.

Won't Google know that it's AI content?

Content at Scale currently passes AI detection and is not against any of Google’s policies.

Which languages are supported?

It currently supports hundreds of languages. Note that these are not just simple translations but natively written text.

My team works with Google Docs; can we integrate Content at Scale?

You currently cannot integrate Content at Scale with Google Docs.

How does Content at Scales integrate with other platforms?

Content at Scales offers seamless integration with WordPress and Shopify through plugins. These enable users to sync their content, automatically build internal links, and publish high-quality content without leaving the app, thereby streamlining the content publishing process and maximizing content marketing potential.

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