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Albus - ChatGPT on Slack

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Albus uses GPT-4 to build a comprehensive knowledge base from Google Driveᵀᴹ, Notion and more, making information easily accessible with natural language queries.


Albus is compatible with the following platforms and devices:

  • Web-Based

Albus can be integrated with the following third-party platforms and tools:

  • GitHub
  • Zendesk
  • Intercom
  • Zoho Mail
  • Yahoo! Mail
  • Notion
  • Asana
  • Slack
  • Google Drive
  • Confluence
  • Zoho CRM
  • Pipedrive
  • Salesforce
  • HubSpot

* For the complete list of available integrations visit Albus website.

Subscription Types

Albus offers the following subscription types:

  • Paid

Billing options include the following:

  • Monthly

Membership packages:

There are 1 membership packages at Albus.

  • API is Available.
  • Community Hub is Available.

Albus Review: An In-Depth Overview

Albus operates as a knowledge bot driven by advanced AI technology. Designed to immediately respond to queries from staff, it comes equipped with a customized chat interface trained on materials sourced from Google Drive, Notion, and over a hundred other applications.

Starting with Albus involves no risk, as the company offers a 14-day trial period, during which users can pose up to 50 questions. Initiating the service is hassle-free; no credit card is needed. The bot can be effortlessly integrated into Slack or accessed via its web-based platform.

Currently, Albus enjoys the trust of more than 9,500 organizations, aiding 21,262 employees every day in finding quick and accurate answers. It has successfully handled over a quarter of a million queries to date.

Functional Capabilities of Albus:

  • Provides thorough and insightful answers to employee questions, regardless of their complexity or ambiguity.
  • Creates multiple types of text outputs, ranging from poetic compositions to code scripts, musical drafts, and various forms of correspondence.
  • Retrieves and analyzes information from a plethora of platforms including, but not limited to, Google Drive and Notion.
  • Offers translation services.
  • Crafts diverse forms of creative content.

When it comes to safeguarding data, Albus adopts a robust approach. It holds certifications in ISO 27001, ISO 27701, and SOC 2 Type II, and is in full compliance with both CCPA and GDPR laws. Cutting-edge encryption technologies and stringent security measures are employed to preserve data integrity.

In summary, Albus stands as a formidable, secure utility, engineered to elevate team communication, foster collaboration, boost efficiency, and trim costs.

How it Works?

  1. Train Albus to recognize your internal company docs. Quick and easy, you only need to do it once.
  2. Once trained, you can start asking questions directly. Albus will search your company docs and provide the most relevant answers.
  3. As more people use Albus, it will continue to learn and improve its responses.

Features & Highlights

  • Empowers individuals by offering a universal search functionality at their disposal.
  • Enhances intra-team communication and cooperation by centralizing the Q&A process.
  • Augments productivity by streamlining tasks and serving real-time information to employees.
  • Curtails operational expenses by minimizing the need for additional human resources and training.
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