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Altered Studio provides a revolutionary way to create professional, AI-driven voice performances. Its unique technology allows you to change your voice to any of its carefully crafted voices, making it perfect for voiceover work, podcasting, and more. Experience the power of AI voice-changing technology with Altered.


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Altered Review: An In-Depth Overview

Altered is making waves in the realm of audio content creation with its next-generation Voice AI technology. This cutting-edge platform brings a multitude of voice-altering capabilities into a single, user-friendly interface, enabling professionals and enthusiasts alike to produce high-quality voice content across various industries. Whether it's for podcasting, video game development, or eLearning, Altered's versatile tools have got you covered.

One of the most remarkable features of Altered is its voice-changing technology. The platform offers a carefully curated portfolio of custom voices, allowing users to morph their voice into different characters and tones, from whispered secrets to commanding shouts. The transformation isn't just a simple modulation; it adds layers of gravitas and charisma to any performance, making users sound like professional voice actors.

In addition to voice alteration, Altered provides a host of other functionalities such as transcription, translation, and text-to-speech. The tool supports a plethora of languages, making it easier to create multilingual content. All of these features are consolidated into the Altered Studio, a powerful audio editor that leverages advanced Voice AI technology. Here, users can drive entire multi-character productions by themselves, truly amplifying the creative potential of individual content creators.

Altered's emphasis on automation extends to its transcription and translation services. Users can transcribe personal audio notes or long meeting conversations with a single click. The platform also allows quick and accurate translation of transcriptions into over 75 languages, thus expanding the global reach of your content. Adding voice-over is just as simple, with life-like Text-To-Speech technology that supports over 70 languages.

As for pricing and accessibility, Altered offers a free trial of its Creator plan, ensuring users can explore the platform before committing financially. They also provide a free online audio editor called for customers to continue benefiting from their tools even after their subscription.

Several industry professionals have endorsed Altered for its revolutionary approach to voice technology. From game developers who find the platform democratizes their creative process to podcasters who appreciate the diversity of voices it brings to their production, the testimonials speak volumes about Altered’s impact.

Overall, Altered isn't just another audio editor; it's an all-encompassing Voice AI studio that stands out for its comprehensive feature set, user-friendly interface, and high-quality output. With its real-time, low latency professional voice changer coming soon for business users, Altered is clearly committed to remaining at the forefront of audio technology innovation.


Features & Highlights

  • 150+ Common Voices
  • Professional Voice Models (Clone, Flexi, Timbre)
  • Voice Morph Controls
  • Voice and Audio Editing Features
  • Edit audio inside videos
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