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Discover the perfect soundtrack for your day with AI creates mood-based playlists tailored to your needs, helping you discover new artists. Enjoy uninterrupted streaming with background playback, create your own custom playlists, and more - all without ads. Listen to music your own way.

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MOODPlaylist stands out as a free online music streaming service designed to tailor the listening experience to the user's current emotional state. Utilizing an AI-powered recommendation engine, MOODPlaylist offers playlists that precisely match a variety of moods, from happiness and relaxation to anger and romance. The service further customizes the experience by allowing users to select playlists based on specific activities such as chilling, working, or studying.

One of the distinguishing features of MOODPlaylist is its 100% ad-free interface, ensuring that the user's musical journey remains uninterrupted. The platform's comprehensive selection is not just limited to mood-based categorization; it also offers playlists from various eras, from modern-day hits to classical masterpieces. This diversity in offering stems from an intricate playlist generation process that involves consultations with music experts and trend analyses, ultimately leading to a curated list of songs across multiple genres like alternative rock, jazz, disco, and electronic dance music, among others.

Another notable feature is the platform's capability for cross-platform integration. Users can conveniently export their customized MOODPlaylist selections to Spotify or import playlists from Spotify to MOODPlaylist. Further enhancing the user experience, the platform offers background playback functionality, enabling users to listen to their favorite tracks while multitasking on other applications or browsing the web.

In summary, MOODPlaylist provides a comprehensive and personalized music streaming service aimed at delivering an uninterrupted, mood-based musical experience. With its AI-powered recommendation engine, ad-free environment, and a wide range of playlist options catering to moods, activities, and eras, MOODPlaylist promises to be the go-to platform for users seeking the perfect soundtrack for every emotional nuance and occasion.


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  • Ad-free Music
  • Background Playback
  • Playlist Generator
  • 100% Free
  • Personalised Music
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