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$99.99 is the world's fastest automated AI video editing software. Free yourself from the laborious task of video editing, and let take care of it for you. Its advanced technology can turn up to 10 hours of raw footage into a professional-level video with titles, transitions, and animations in just one click. Effectively promote your business and message more efficiently, while saving time and energy.

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What Is It? is an AI-based video editor that takes
on the role of a video editor and improves content by automatically cutting out
fillers, background noise, unpleasantries such as coughing, and other elements
that might annoy your audience. Edited videos can receive AI voiceovers in
foreign languages that even alter your mouth movements. What is more, there is
an automatic transcription feature that helps students follow courses. Join us
on this quick exploration of and see how you can have professionally edited
and translated content in just a few clicks.

How It Works

All you have to do is upload your filmed
video into the online application. There you will have the opportunity to click
the Magic Button, which automatically edits and refines your video. The refined
video is free of unpleasantries and can be translated into various languages.
Note that there are voiceover and transcription features that can work in

Use Cases

Course creators are often faced with the
problem of having to edit hours upon hours of content. This waste of energy is
taken care of by’s amazing AI tool, Magic Button. The latter removes
background noises, silent intros, and other unpleasantries. What is more,
transcriptions and translations require a lot of time and money, which is why
Nuro’s Content Translation feature is priceless.

Vloggers often encounter people from
different cultures that are not native in English.'s transcription and
translation mechanics can help viewers follow your content and understand what
your interlocutor is saying. Moreover, this feature is perfect for when you
yourself are mumbling or in an environment that makes listening to you


Magic Button

The meat and potatoes of is the Magic
Button, which refines uploaded videos in just a few seconds. Note that this
refinement includes removing ambient noises that might distract your viewers. Refined
videos can then be translated into various languages, which falls into the
realm of the Content Translation tool.

Content Translation

Not only does translate your content,
but it also creates an AI voiceover that is easy to follow and which alters
your mouth movements to align with the spoken language. A copy of the
translation is displayed in real-time in the adjacent transcription box.

Accessibility and Developer Options

Third-Party Integrations

There are currently no third-party integrations.

API Options

There are currently no API options.

Browser Extensions

There are currently no browser


The entire application is browser-based,
which means that you can easily access it with any given internet browser that
your favorite device boasts.


The community management of
leaves much to be desired. There are no social media channels, forums, or
blogs. However, you can contact the creators directly.


The company behind calls itself
the Free Entrepreneurs Movement, and it is run by Sébastien Night. They are
devoted to creating efficient solutions for entrepreneurs that want to put
their sales generation on autopilot.


Features & Highlights

  • Customize your videos with a look that fits your brand.
  • Your customers, prospects and training students benefit from a perfect learning experience.
  • Use the "magic button" and instantly get your video edited.
  • Create sales videos and high-converting webinars.
  • Quickly create free content for YouTube.
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