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Process Street - AI-Powered Process Management


Process AI is the world's first AI-powered process management platform. It automates complex processes, eliminating manual labor and increasing efficiency and accuracy. Unlock the potential of your business with Process AI's unparalleled process management capabilities.

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Process Street has undergone a significant transformation, elevating its service offerings through its latest innovation, Process AI. Originally founded in 2014, Process Street garnered attention for being a pioneering workflow management tool. Trusted by industry giants like Salesforce, educational institutions like MIT, and key players in the Real Estate sector, the platform specialized in simplifying the management of recurring work. From policies and procedures to knowledge and data, it enabled teams to handle workflows with efficiency.

Building on this foundational expertise, the company has recently unveiled Process AI, the world’s first AI-powered process management platform. Designed to automate complex processes, this next-level technology aims to eliminate manual labor while boosting efficiency and accuracy across various business functions. What sets Process AI apart is its ability to take 'no-code' technology to unprecedented heights. Previously, tasks like advanced automations, math equations, and text formatting required an engineering team to execute. With Process AI, even non-technical users can design sophisticated workflows and create intricate automations, condensing hundreds of "if this then that" rules into a single prompt.

The evolution from a workflow management tool to an AI-powered process platform signals Process Street’s commitment to empowering businesses to unlock their full potential. Already boasting partnerships with esteemed investors like Accel, Salesforce Ventures, and Atlassian Ventures, Process AI looks poised to revolutionize sectors that are heavily reliant on compliance and process-driven tasks, such as HR, Finance, and Real Estate.

Through its unmatched process management capabilities, Process Street is no longer just a tool, but a comprehensive platform that promises to redefine the boundaries of what non-technical teams can achieve.


Features & Highlights

  • Advanced Automations: One of the standout features of Process AI is its capability to automate intricate processes that would traditionally require a team of engineers to implement. From generating workflows to sending automated Slack messages, this feature allows even non-technical users to create sophisticated automations effortlessly.
  • No-Code Customization: Building on the concept of 'no-code,' Process AI enables users to customize workflows and create advanced automations without any programming knowledge. This feature significantly reduces the entry barrier for those unfamiliar with coding, allowing a wider range of professionals to use the platform effectively.
  • Multi-Functional Prompt System: Process AI has an intelligent prompt system that can condense hundreds of "if this then that" (IFTTT) rules into a single prompt. This greatly simplifies decision-making processes, making it easier to execute complex operations with higher accuracy.
  • Text and Data Analytics: Beyond basic automations, the platform offers text formatting, location routing, translation, summarization, and sentiment analysis among its myriad of analytical capabilities. This multi-functional toolset makes it a versatile choice for handling various types of data and textual content.
  • Single Source for Recurring Work: Process Street has always been a one-stop solution for managing all recurring work, but with the introduction of Process AI, the platform has heightened its ability to manage knowledge, data, forms, and surveys under a single umbrella. This consolidation makes it a convenient tool for teams across various sectors like HR, Finance, and Real Estate.
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