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ProductScope.AI allows Amazon brands to maximize sales and conversions, by providing powerful tools and AI-driven insights. Create attractive photos with one click, craft optimized listings with ease, and leverage the powerful ChatGPT-4 powered Chatbot to engage customers. Boost your Amazon presence with ProductScope.AI today.

ProductScope.AI is compatible with the following platforms and devices:

  • Web-Based

ProductScope.AI can be integrated with the following third-party platforms and tools:

  • Stripe
  • GitHub
  • ChatGPT
  • Gmail
  • Lemlist
  • Slack
  • Trello
  • Amazon Seller Central
  • WordPress

* For the complete list of available integrations visit ProductScope.AI website.

Subscription Types

ProductScope.AI offers the following subscription types:

  • Paid

Billing options include the following:

  • Monthly
  • Annually
  • Buy Credits
  • One-Time Payment

Membership packages:

There are 4 membership packages at ProductScope.AI.

  • API is Not Available.
  • Community Hub is Available.

ProductScope.AI Review: An In-Depth Overview

What Is It?

ProductScope is a cutting-edge Conversion Rate Optimization and marketing Platform tailored for Amazon Brands and Creative Marketing Agencies. Utilizing Artificial Intelligence, it offers services like deep customer insights, listing optimization, AI-based product image editing, and an AI chatbot assistant named "Dobby." ProductScope aims to empower brands and marketers to scale their business 5x faster, offering a streamlined process for product listing, customer analysis, and decision-making.

How It Works

Voice of Customer Analysis: ProductScope's Amazon Review Analytics tool mines thousands of product reviews to create word clouds to determine customer intent, sentiment, and motivations. This advanced Voice of Customer (VoC) analysis helps shape brand strategy.

Amazon Listing Optimization: Leveraging Open AI's latest AI models, the platform provides unlimited Amazon listing optimizations. This involves blending customer insights and strategically placed keywords to create product listings that convert.

AI Image Product Placement Software: The platform uses AI to transform ordinary product photos into visually stunning images at a fraction of traditional photo shoot costs.

Dobby - AI Chatbot Assistant: Dobby assists in decision-making, provides customer support, offers data insights, and solves problems swiftly, acting as a "McKinsey-level" consultant for your brand.

Use Cases

  • For brands seeking to understand their customers better, the Voice of Customer Analysis feature provides invaluable insights into customer demographics, intent, and sentiment.
  • E-commerce businesses aiming to boost their Amazon sales can benefit from optimized product listings that increase Click-Through Rates (CTR) and conversions.
  • Brands can use the AI Image Photoshoot Tool to improve their product's visual appeal without the hefty costs of professional photoshoots.
  • Dobby can be an efficient and intelligent assistant for data analysis, customer engagement, and operational tasks.


ProductScope offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to revolutionize how Amazon sellers operate. This third-party overview outlines the features and functionalities provided by ProductScope, aimed at amplifying reach, conversions, and growth for brands on Amazon.

Voice of Customer Analytics

ProductScope's Voice of Customer Analytics service deploys cutting-edge artificial intelligence to analyze thousands of customer reviews, delivering actionable insights within minutes. It offers a deep dive into customer demographics, helping sellers understand their audience and tailor their marketing strategies for practical conversions. Additionally, the platform identifies product strengths and weaknesses from customer reviews, allowing sellers to make data-driven improvements. Their OpenAI-powered tool goes a step further to comprehend buyer motivations, helping sellers craft compelling product descriptions to boost conversions.

Amazon Listing Optimizer

The Amazon Listing Optimizer from ProductScope employs advanced AI capabilities to create high-impact, converting listings at an unprecedented scale and speed. Unlike traditional content agencies, this AI-driven service guarantees precision, consistency, and a high level of personalization. It utilizes customer insights for crafting listings that resonate deeply with the target audience. The optimizer also employs a "secret sauce" for strategic keyword placement, helping sellers achieve 17% better conversions and maximum visibility on Amazon.

Product Photography Backdrops Generator

ProductScope offers a unique AI-powered tool for transforming product images. The tool smartly removes boring backgrounds, leaving crisp, clean product images. Users can reimagine their product's setting, be it a sunlit breakfast table or a mountain summit. This feature eliminates the need for expensive photoshoots, allowing sellers to create striking product images at a fraction of the cost.

Dobby: Your Amazon ChatGPT Assistant

Dobby is ProductScope's personal AI chatbot assistant designed to help Amazon sellers make rapid, effective decisions. Utilizing the GPT-4 model, Dobby simplifies complex data into actionable insights. It crafts strategies tailored to the user's brand and offers a secure space for storing sensitive data. Dobby is a dedicated problem solver, guiding users through the e-commerce journey.

Word Cloud Generator

The Word Cloud Generator is another offering from ProductScope aimed at simplifying data visualization. This free tool turns complex data into visual summaries in word clouds, helping sellers understand critical themes and frequently used words in any text data. It offers an easy way to visualize customer feedback and enhance marketing strategies and product development initiatives.

With an extensive array of features, ProductScope is an invaluable resource for any Amazon seller aiming to thrive in a competitive marketplace.

Accessibility and Developer Options 

ProductScope AI doesn't require integration with Amazon Seller Central accounts, ensuring straightforward usage. Data security is a priority, with a "Zero-Retention/Zero Training Policy" for third-party Large Language Learning Model partners.

Browser Extensions

ProductScope offers a Chrome Extension that provides instant customer insights for any Amazon product. The extension facilitates easy transitions between Amazon product pages and ProductScope's core online tools.


ProductScope is a web-based product designed to be highly compatible and does not require cumbersome integrations. It can be accessed directly through its platform without the need to sync with other accounts.


ProductScope is backed by numerous testimonials from satisfied CEOs and Owners who have seen significant business growth. The platform is also a verified Amazon Ad partner.


ProductScope is operated by ProductScope LLC and offers additional advertising support via FosterFBA, a leading Amazon Advertising Agency based in New York. The company is committed to constantly rolling out new features and provides a range of flexible pricing plans.

In summary, ProductScope is not just a tool but a comprehensive ecosystem designed to enhance brand performance on Amazon. With its state-of-the-art features and user-friendly interface, it's a must-have for any forward-thinking Amazon seller.


Features & Highlights

  • Image Background Removal & AI Product Backdrop Generator - ProductScope AI's advanced AI technology enables brands to create high-quality, Instagram-worthy product images without costly photoshoots. The AI background removal tool integrates products into any setting, quickly transforming average images into standout visuals.
  • AI-powered Listing Optimizations with Smart Listing Optimizer - This feature allows brands to craft high-converting Amazon listings in minutes. Using advanced language models and customer insights, it strategically places high-impact keywords to make your listings more compelling.
  • Deep Customer Insights via Amazon Customer Analysis - Available through the Chrome Extension, this tool turns Amazon customer reviews into actionable insights. It helps brands understand customer preferences and dislikes, effectively boosting conversion rates.
  • Dobby - The AI Chatbot Assistant for E-commerce - Dobby is a "Mckinsey-level" consultant for your brand, focused on decision-making and problem-solving in Amazon selling. The chatbot offers customer support and valuable data insights for quick and effective decision-making.
  • Voice of Customer Analysis for Invaluable Insights The platform's specialized tool analyzes Amazon product reviews to provide deep insights into customer intent and sentiment. This data-driven approach helps brands strategize effectively and gain a competitive edge.
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FAQ: Answers to Your Burning Questions

AI Tool FAQ: Answers to top questions about ProductScope.AI.

How Accurate and Effective are ProductScope AI's Tools?

ProductScope AI's tools are powered by advanced language models capable of analyzing thousands of verified customer reviews. This ensures high accuracy in the insights generated. While the outcomes can vary, users have reported an average boost in conversion rates of 17% or more when using the platform's tools for listing optimization and brand reach enhancement.

How Does Voice of Customer Analysis Work in ProductScope AI?

ProductScope AI's Voice of Customer (VoC) Analysis leverages Artificial Intelligence to scrutinize customer reviews on Amazon. This turns the reviews into actionable insights concerning customer demographics, intent, and sentiment. These insights are instrumental in shaping both product development and market positioning strategies.

What is the Role of the Chrome Extension in ProductScope AI?

The Chrome Extension is an easy-to-use gateway to ProductScope AI's core tools. It lets users capture customer insights from any Amazon product page and funnel this information into the platform's main application. With a click, it can even pull the main product image for use in the AI Product Photoshoot tool. The extension is recommended for optimum utilization of ProductScope AI's tools.

How Does ProductScope AI Ensure Data Security?

ProductScope AI prioritizes data security by not storing user data with any third-party AI technology provider. Only anonymized data is shared with the Large Language Learning Model (LLM) partner, and that too just for the duration of the feature's use. The LLM partner follows a "Zero-Retention/Zero Training Policy," which means they neither store nor use the anonymized data for any algorithmic training.

Is Integration with Amazon Seller Central Required for Using ProductScope AI?

No, integration with Amazon Seller Central is not necessary to use ProductScope AI. The platform is designed for direct usage, allowing brands to sign up and start optimizing their Amazon listings without any complicated integrations.

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