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With, save valuable time by letting a human/AI co-pilot career assistant apply to jobs for you. Personalized cover letters and resumes will be used to target your dream job, while you focus on networking and interview prep. Maximize your job search efficiency with

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  • Web-Based
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  • Paid

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  • One-Time Payment

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Scale. Jobs is a cutting-edge platform designed to optimize the job search process by leveraging the synergy of human expertise and artificial intelligence. The service is tailored to enhance job seekers' efforts through several innovative features, including creating personalized cover letters and targeted resumes with just a click. It also streamlines the job application process by offering AI-powered job recommendations tailored to the user's profile, aiming to save over 100 hours of manual job searching and application tasks.

The platform recognizes the low response rate to job applications, emphasizing the importance of efficient time management in job search strategies. Job seekers should allocate more time to networking and interview preparation, which significantly increase the chances of securing a job.

Users are introduced to a dedicated Career Assistant during an onboarding call upon signing up. Supported by a browser extension, this assistant takes over applying to jobs that users delegate. This process includes daily communication of updates via WhatsApp, ensuring a seamless and informed job search experience. The assistant's role in applying to jobs on the user's behalf significantly increases the number of interviews and, consequently, the likelihood of landing a full-time position.

Top Components of Scale.Jobs:

  1. Personalized AI Assistance: Customizes cover letters and resumes for each application.
  2. Time Efficiency: Saves over 100 hours by automating the application process.
  3. AI-Powered Job Recommendations: Offers job suggestions tailored to users' skills and preferences.
  4. Strategic Focus: Encourages spending time on networking and interview prep rather than application submission.
  5. Dedicated Career Assistant: Provides personal assistance throughout the job search process.
  6. Daily Updates: Ensures users are kept informed about their job application status through daily communications.

Scale. Jobs positions itself as not just a tool but a comprehensive solution for job seekers, blending AI's efficiency with the nuanced understanding of human assistants to navigate the competitive job market effectively.


Features & Highlights

  • Dedicated Human Assistant.
  • Private WhatsApp Group.
  • 1:1 Onboarding call.
  • Custom Cover letters.
  • Purpose Built AI Tools.
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