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Tabula AI - GPT-Powered Data Analytics Assistant


Experience Tabula AI, the AI-powered data analytics assistant that gives you unprecedented access to personalized insights. Harness the power of natural language processing (NLP) and GPT-3 to access and analyze your private data with ease. Make more informed decisions with the industry’s most powerful private data insights.


Tabula AI is compatible with the following platforms and devices:

  • Windows
  • MacOS

Tabula AI can be integrated with the following third-party platforms and tools:

  • Stripe
  • GitHub
  • ChatGPT

* For the complete list of available integrations visit Tabula AI website.

Subscription Types

Tabula AI offers the following subscription types:

  • Freemium
  • Paid

Billing options include the following:

  • Monthly

Membership packages:

There are 3 membership packages at Tabula AI.

  • API is Available.
  • Community Hub is Available.

Tabula AI Review: An In-Depth Overview

Tabula is an end-to-end AI data management platform that enables both technical and non-technical users to extract, transform, and visualize data. Tabula's Analytical AI empowers users to transform siloed data into actionable insights and build real-time reports faster than ever before. With its intuitive interface and powerful capabilities, Tabula AI simplifies ad hoc operations and step-by-step explorations, enabling users to focus on deriving valuable insights rather than getting bogged down in data transformation nuances.


Features & Highlights

  • Auto Data Cleanup and Preparation.
  • Data Integration .
  • Workflow Automation.
  • Unstructured Data Management.
  • Dashboard Building.
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