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Windframe - AI Tailwind CSS Page Builder


Windframe is an AI-powered page builder that simplifies and accelerates web development with Tailwind CSS. It offers 10x faster editing, customization, and building capabilities, allowing developers to quickly launch websites and UIs.


Windframe is compatible with the following platforms and devices:

  • Web-Based
  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Linux

Windframe can be integrated with the following third-party platforms and tools:


* For the complete list of available integrations visit Windframe website.

Subscription Types

Windframe offers the following subscription types:

  • Freemium
  • Paid

Billing options include the following:

  • Monthly
  • Annually

Membership packages:

There are 8 membership packages at Windframe.

  • API is Not Available.
  • Community Hub is Not Available.

Windframe Review: An In-Depth Overview

What Is It?

Windframe is an AI-powered tool designed to revolutionize web design. It combines intuitive features and intelligent assistance to simplify the design process and empower developers to create stunning webpages effortlessly. With Windframe, developers can seamlessly switch between a code editor and a visual editor, allowing them to code and visually edit their designs simultaneously.

How It Works

Windframe leverages AI technology to provide a user-centered design experience. It offers a visual builder and editor for building Tailwind CSS websites, making it easy to create and edit templates, components, and entire webpages visually. The AI capabilities of Windframe assist developers in generating code and providing suggestions for design improvements, enhancing productivity and creativity.

Use Cases

Windframe is ideal for developers who want to streamline their web design workflow and boost their productivity. It empowers developers of all levels to create visually appealing and responsive webpages. Whether it's building websites from scratch, redesigning existing pages, or creating interactive components, Windframe provides the tools and guidance needed to bring design ideas to life.


Windframe offers a comprehensive suite of features to support the web design process. It includes a visual builder with drag-and-drop functionality, a code editor for fine-tuning designs, and seamless synchronization between the two. Windframe also provides a library of pre-built templates and components, allowing developers to jumpstart their projects. Additionally, it offers integration with popular frameworks and libraries, such as Tailwind CSS and Alpine.js.

Accessibility and Developer Options

Windframe is designed to be accessible and user-friendly. It offers third-party integrations to enhance the development experience, allowing developers to connect their favorite tools and services. Windframe also provides API options for developers who want to extend its functionality or integrate it into their existing workflows. Furthermore, Windframe offers browser extensions for popular browsers, enabling developers to use the tool directly within their preferred development environment.


Windframe is compatible with various browsers and operating systems, ensuring that developers can use the tool regardless of their preferred platform. It supports major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, and works seamlessly on both Windows and macOS.


Features & Highlights

  • AI-enhanced visual editing for rapid Tailwind CSS webpage creation and prototyping.
  • Access to over 900 customizable Tailwind CSS templates for various web design needs.
  • Real-time visual creation, editing, and export options in multiple formats including HTML, React, and Vue.
  • Import and visually edit custom templates, components, or entire websites with ease.
  • Tailwind CSS dashboard builder for creating functional and aesthetic admin interfaces.
  • Collaborative features with real-time teamwork capabilities and version history tracking.
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